Mexican Style Cuisine

Ruben's Mexican Grill is an expansion of H & R Catering, an idea that started as a dream to create the cuisine that is part of the couple's up-bringing with a fresh new concept in Mexican cuisine. It all began in 2002, when Executive Chef Ruben Calvo and his wife Hilda Irene started H & R Catering Company in Chicago, IL, with the idea of serving a full-flavored home style menu that would satisfy not only the simple but the most sophisticated palate, utilizing the freshest ingredients available and to offer consistent quality and satisfaction.

Ruben's Mexican Grill is a full-service dining experience in a family and festive atmosphere with a passion for warm, gracious service and fresh Mexican style cuisine utilizing the freshest ingredients available and premium quality meats served right off the grill.

As you enter, you will find rustic hand-crafted mural paintings of the main plaza and the original house in the town of Mexico where Ruben was born. You'll find a colorful collection of authentic Mexican décor and background music of Folkloric and regional Mexican music, specially collected to set the mood.

With our delicious Mexican flavors, wonderful aromas from our open kitchen, tasty margaritas, and outstanding service, you will be able to enjoy a dining experience that is affordable and beyond compare! We invite you to sample the difference you can taste, right off the grill!!!

Hilda & Ruben